Dear guests, friends and family,

As many of you may have noticed already, a devastating bush fire reached Okambara in the first week of September. The whole farm with all its grass burned down. Our animals need your help as soon as possible. In order to bridge the loss of food until the begin of the rainy season, 50,000 € are needed to buy the minimum amount of feed needed for our animals to survive.

Thankfully, all people and animals could be saved and no one was harmed by the fire. We were also able to save the lodge and all other buildings with great effort. However, the consequences of this fire are more devastating than ever before. The fire turned 15000 hectares, the entire pasture of our farm into ashes and dust. All the food recourses have been absorbed overnight. The fire has penetrated every single corner of the area.

Our great hope is the rainy season in December. Unfortunately, this is too late for our animals. Okambara is home to more than 40 species of mammals most of them herbivores. In addition to elephants, rhinos and giraffes there is also no food for zebra, waterbuck, wildebeest, impala, springbok, oryx and eland herds. They urgently need to be fed. Several truckloads of lucerne grass are needed until end of the year. A cost of around € 50,000. Okambara can no longer fund these costs. Due to the ongoing pandemic for the last two years all of our recourses are exhausted. We need your help. Conservation of nature and our wildlife species is the reason for what we have been getting up every morning at Okambara for more than three decades. It is and it remains a matter of our hearts to bring the African nature and its animal world closer to people from all over the world.
But we need your support now! We ask for your help in this difficult time. Help us save our precious wild animals!
Donate money for feed. Spread our story to the world. We can not do it without you!

Warm greetings,

Family Schmitt



Update: Thanks to your quick, uncomplicated help with donations, three deliveries with feed reached us in the meantime – Huge trucks loaded with grass and Lucerne bales have now arrived on Okambara.
A supply that should last until November to feed our wild animals.

There is already a little relief for our leaf eaters, such as giraffes or eland. Because, the bushes whose roots reach down to the groundwater are already isolated, they have turned green again.

We are currently delivering up to 50 alfalfa bales to our feeding stations every day. There we will mostly eagerly be awaited by rhinos and co.

We have already achieved a lot together, but we are not there yet. We are urgently reliant on your donation to ensure sufficient food for our animals and to be able to provide food at the onset of the rainy season.

With a little luck it can be in December. But until enough pasture has grown back, we may be looking at January, possibly even longer.

The first raindrops of this Years have already fallen from the sky, we hope that there will be more soon.

We’re almost there and we’re on the home stretch. We still need now your support!

Thank you for your help, we are ensuring that 100% of donations reach our animals.

Food delivery #1

Food delivery #2

Animal feeding

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